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L'Trimm No Longer Like Cars That Go Boom

WASHINGTON- Obscure rap duo, L'Trimm announced to a crowd of three million heartbroken fans gathered outside the Washington monument, that they are no longer interested in cars that "go boom". The duo called the press conference to finally put to rest the "rumor and innuendo" that they have been clinging to a love of automobiles with large subwoofers since 1988. The duo were so enamored of these vehicles that they actually released a song about how much they loved loud, irritating cars with offensive sound systems entitled "(We Like The) Cars That Go Boom", which somehow became a hit.

"Times haveL'Trimm in 1988 changed, and we have changed as well," explained one half of the duo, Bunny D. "Cars that go boom no longer hold quite the fascination to us that they once did. Ever since my spiritual pilgrimage to Mecca, cars that go boom seemed insignificant when compared glory of Allah," she explained. Bunny D. also implored rabid fans to seek out other things in life and stop being so consumed with cars that go boom. "I ask that you all see the beauty that there is in life other than cars that go boom, and perhaps try new things, like eating fudge, or learning the banjo," she said.

For her part, Tigra has maintained an interest in cars, but now prefers cars that go "PLAH!". "I also enjoy drinking cranberry juice and reading books about things," she added.

The Pentagon had no official comment about the announcements, but one anonymous source admitted that the President lowered the national defense condition to DEFCON 5 after what was described as "a reassuring announcement for the good of national security."

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